is a company that has started due to the increased need of responsible technical assistance and service on enterprise level systems in Costa Rica.

Currently based out of Panama, Crexpedio is aiming to expand the VOIP market to other countries around the world. Our current infrastructure allows us to have strategic partners and link into thousands of voice over IP providers worldwide.
We currently do ITFS (international Toll Free Service) with countries in South America such as Brasil, Argentina, Columbia and Venezuela. North american region covering Mexico, US and Canada alongside our strategic partners for Europe and Asia.

Due to the lack of expertise in third world countries, Crexpedio has taken on the responsibility to what is growing into a profitable business of service and support. The goal of our company is to responsibly maintain remote systems for Latin American companies.

We understand that consistency, cost effectiveness and focus instill client confidence. Your technology risk will be minimal because Crexpedio’s proven track record and expertise. We offer accountability for your enviornment 24x7x365 monitoring, maintenance, software and hardware costs, upgrades and system administration.